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MorningSun Flutes
Ordering Information

Please be clear in your letter describing the flute(s) you wish.  Include with your order: the type of flute (example: Celtic Transverse in the key of F, or Xao in the key of A) and the Instrument of Payment; a check or money order for the appropriate amound plus $20.00 shipping and handling to:  Michael Thulin   HCR 1, Box 5609 Kea'au, HI 96749.  You are encouraged to call on the telephone to discuss your order with Michael to ensure your satisfaction. (please remember the time difference between where you are and Hawaii.)

XAO Flutes               Celtic              
   KEY     PRICE      KEY    PRICE
       G*     $85.00         Eb   $45.00               
       A       $75.00         E     $45.00    
       Bb     $70.00         F     $40.00  
       B       $65.00         G    $35.00
       C       $60.00         A    $35.00
       D       $55.00
       Eb      $50.00
       E        $50.00

* The Xao in G is the largest (deepest tone) of the ones we make.  It is so large that only people with average to longer than average finger length  can comfortably reach the finger holes.  That is why our most sought after one is in the key of A.  Not only is the reach within the ability of almost everyone, but also A is the relative minor of the key of C major so one can play in A minor or C major on the same flute..


  The Album "American Zen" has sold thousands of copies since I recorded it in 1989. I used the flutes made in my shop for the most part, to create aural pictures of certain scenes or moods.  The music is termed "anti-frantic music" and is used to turn off the brain and allow one to float through the audio landscape without being caught up in the patterns of melody or rhythm present in most music.  It is so relaxing that it probably should carry a warning lable to not drive alone at night while listening to it!!  The price of the C.D. is $15.00 plus $5.00 S&H.         

tuning techneques

this is where I will be discussing the tuning  and manufacture techniques used here and taught by my flute-master Joe Kasik and modified by me over the years.

Our Shop

Here is a picture of our shop.

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MorningSun Flutes
HCR 1, Box 5609, Kea'au HI  96749
(808) 985-7416