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Flute Maker Michael MorningSun
Master of the XAO

We offer finely tuned  bamboo flutes of the end-blown (xao) type in the pentatonic scale as well as transverse blown (celtic) style in the diatonic (seven tone) scale.  These hand-crafted bamboo flutes may be played in concert with other tuned instruments due to the prescision tuning techniques taught to Master Flutemaker Michael MorningSun by his Flute-Master Joseph Kasik and refined by twelve years of practicing the Art on a production level, having made approximately thirty eight hundred flutes in that time.

  Bamboo flutes in the celtic or transverse traditional style have been played in the northern latitudes for over three hundred years and the ones hand-crafted here are usually in the major scale.  We do consider special orders for full chromatic scale (added flatted third and flatted seventh note) .  We also offer on a special order basis some Very Large Bass and Contra Bass transverse blown flutes in pentatonic scales. These hand-crafted bass flutes are not common and are only done when the proper piece of bamboo presents itself!!

  The traditional Xao (Shao) was the principal flute played by many monks of the Shao Lin (Kung Fu tradition). (Note: the Mis-spellings in English may be many, including: Xiao, Zhao, Shaow, Xhao and Xhiao !!) but the hauntingly beautiful sounds made on the larger flutes are extraordinary and very centering, no matter how we may spell it!

These are flutes based on the ancient Chinese design called the Shao (Xao).

XAO Flutes

playing a contra-bass flute

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